21.00 hrs            Basilica Sup. S. Francesco         Gruppo Vocale Tritonus (Perugia)

Gruppo Vocale Armoniosoincanto (Perugia)

Coro Laudesi Umbri (Spoleto PG)

Corale Porziuncola (Assisi PG)

In collaboration with ANDCI- Naz.le Direttori di Coro Italiani

Admission to the concert is free, but in compliance with the regulations to avoid the spread of Covid-19, booking is mandatory. To book, send an email to with name, surname, city of origin and telephone contact.


CONCERT PROGRAM  – Gruppo Vocale Tritonus

Conductor           Franco Radicchia


T. Tallis                 If ye love me

N. Kedrov             Vater unser

F. Monpou           Santa Maria strela do Dia

J. Sandstrom       Sanctus

E. Miaroma          Quando nell’ombra


Curriculum Tritonus Vocal Ensemble

Tritonus Vocal Ensemble was born in 2016 with the aim to give life to a musical reality that is able to convey the aritistic and human intensity and value of the music in particular of the choral singing. This mixed choir is composed by singers of different ages and different artistic training with considerable and heterogeneous choral experiences on their shoulders. The choice of its repertoire is now focused on the medieval and renaissance period compositions: the ensemble continues its growth and the research of its own vocal identity and vocal timbre thanks to the study of these models and the precious guide and collaboration of two high level and competence masters, Franco Radicchia and Mauro Presazzi.

Although its recent birth, the group has performed during various events: both local occurrences (for example for the historical reenactment “Perugia 1416”,the preview of the “Sagra Musicale Umbra” in 2016, 2017 and 2018, the celebrations of the Easter Triduum and of city’s patron in the Saint Lorenzo Cathedral in Perugia and the official re-openging of the the church of the Poor Clare nuns monastry in Perugia) and national occurrences (for Christmas and Easter liturgical celebrations in Montepulciano and Cortona, for the Ancient Music Festival “Suoni della Torre”in Marciano della Chiana in 2018, for the Second Choral Festival “G. Costi” in Crema). In may 2019 the Ensemble participated to its first international transfer in the occasion of the 30th edition of the International Choral Festival “Miskolci Kamarakórus Fesztivál” in Miskolc in Hungary. In the summer of 2019 it participated to the 7th Choral Festival “P. Evangelista Nicolini” in Assisi and to the 13th edition of the Saint Biagio Festival in Nocera Umbra.


CONCERT PROGRAM  – Gruppo Vocale Armoniosoincanto

Conductor            Franco Radicchia


Laudario di Cortona         Ave, Regina gloriosa

Laudario di Cortona         Madonna Santa Maria

Codice di Las Huelgas      Agnus Dei (Missa IV)

Codice di Las Huelgas      Exultet hæc concio

Codice di Las Huelgas      Ave verum corpus

E. Miaroma                         O sacrum convivium


Curriculum – Armoniosoincanto Vocal Ensemble

It was founded in 1997 and it is composed by mixed singers, with a prevalence of female voices, that work to search for a vocal purity that is as similar as possible to medieval and renaissance interpretative standards. The study of pure vocality is caracterized by the linearity and the strains of the voices that can bring back to life to the essence of prayer and of Holy Writs that are magnified by ancient melodies.  Their research is focused on musics taken from ancient codes of carolingian age, from medieval Laudarios and ancient liturgical texts coming from Umbria and Tuscany regions.

In 2010, it received the first prize in Christian Monodic Chant category at the International Contest “Guido d’Arezzo” and the mention for the most interesting program of music research. These results are in addition to other prizes obtained at the “G. D’Arezzo” Contest in 2002 and 2006 and the second prize for the category Gregorian Song at the “Seghizzi” Contest in Gorizia in 2001. The ensemble carries out an intense concert activity in Italy by participating to important music festivals, but also abroad: Sweden, Belgium,France, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria and USA. Recently it performed in various concerts in the St Jakobs Kyrka in Stockholm, in the Holy Spirit Church in Aix in Provence, in St Vitale Church in Ravenna. The Association organizes Gregorian Singing and ancient music workshops in order to strengthen their work of research.

The ensemble recordered CDs with different record companies: Tactus, Bongiovanni, Brilliant Classic, Amiata Records and Hyperprism: “L’Ufficio Ritmico di S. Francesco di Assisi”; “O Roma Nobilis”, “Canti di pellegrinaggio” together with the Ensemble Orientis Partibus; “Ave Donna Santissima”, “Itinerario musicale sulla Madonna nel Medioevo”; “Requiem” in collaborazione con i F.lli Mancuso and “La silloge dei 12 Bicinia” by O. Di Lasso. In 2015 it relized the great recording of the entire Laudario di Cortona n. 91 and the complete three voices composition of the “Canzonette” of Monteverdi for Brilliant Classics. During the 2016 edition of the “Sagra Musicale Umbra” it participated to the artistic project “Altissima Luce” based on the Laudario di Cortona together with Paolo Fresu and Daniele di Bonaventura with the collaboration of the Perugia Chamber Orchestra: this project is executed in the occasions of various italian festivals such us Umbria Jazz Spring, Narrazioni Jazz in Torino, Milano Jazz, Alghero, Notte Sacra in Rome. Tuk Music recordered a CD of this project. Armoniosoincancto Vocal ensemble also cooperated to the recording of music sacred works: “La Sapienza di Rosvita” with the music of Ferdinando Sulpizi, “L’Oratorio La Beata Angela da Foligno” with the music of Carlo Pedini. It recordered the Sulpizi’s 13 Motets of the Confessions o f Saint Augustine. They often cooperate with famous musicians and they execute pieces of contemporaneous authors for the very first time.


CONCERT PROGRAM  – – Coro Laudesi Umbri – Corale Porziuncola

Organ                   Angelo Silvio Rosati

Conductor          p. Matteo Ferraldeschi OFM


Laudario di Cortona         Laudar vollio per amore

Laudario di Cortona         Sia laudato San Francesco

D. Bartolucci                      O sanctissima anima

    Franciscus, pauper et humilus

V. Miserachs                       Preghiera Semplice

I. Bianchi                             Tu sei santo


Curriculum – Laudesi Umbri Choir

It was born in 1975 under the direction of the franciscan father, Antonio Giannoni who has been its director until his death in 2013. According to its love for choral singing, the group developped its particular interest in different music genres: the gregorian song, sacred and profane polyphony (first of all the medieval lauda) without overlooking the baroque and the romantique periods, popular and regional songs and the negro-spirituals.

The choir searched for its vocal perfection, the mix of tones and its interpretative style thanks to concerts and music workshops and it gained flattering critical acclaim and public success. It cooperated with prestigious italian music institutions and thanks to the invitation of m. Giancarlo Menotti, it participated to 7 editions of the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto.

In June 1994 it won the first prize at the International Music Contest in Rome. In 1996 it gained the second prize at the 13th National Polyphonyc Contest “Guido d’Arezzo”. In 2002 it participated to the 4th National Festival of Sacred Polyphony “Premio S. Tommaso d’Aquino” in Frosinone and it won the first prize for the Gregorian Song category and the second prize for the Mixed voices Choir category. In the same year it won the absolute first prize at the 5th National Polyphonyc mucis contest Mayfest 2002 – Caserta City. In 2003 the choir represented Italy taking part to the inaugural concert of the 4th International Festival of Choral Singing “Alta Pusteria”.

Different concerts in Italy and abroad. The choir recordered two CDs for Paoline Audiovisivi that has been published all over the world: the first one in 2004 containing Christmas songs, “Gloria in Cielo e pace in terra”, the second one in 2015 including popular songs dedicated to the Virgin, “Madonna degli Angeli”. In 2013 father Matteo Ferraldeschi became the new director of the choir. Following the example of their founder and master director, the Laudensi Umbri continue preserving and spreading his precious teachings and bringing the franciscan message of Peace and Good to all people.


Curriculum – Corale Porziuncola

It had been founded in 1949 by Father Pietro Starnini, pupil of Don Licinio Refice at the Sacred Music Pontifical Institute in Rome. He directed the choir for almost 40 years. The group originated from a long tradition of Pueri Cantores and male voices directed by different masters, among which we remember Father Cristoforo Cipollone from Lanciano and Father Mauro Galletti.

The choir was born to carry out the music service in the Santa Maria degli Angeli in Porziuncola Basilica (as its name suggests) and it has continued doing that for 50 years: during this period the group was composed only by male voices and Pueri Cantores, as the tradition wanted. As the years go by female voices joined the choir and today it includes mixed singers.

The Corale Porziuncola mainly cultivated sacred music with organ, dedicated to the different celebrations of the Liturgical Year but it also approached more difficult scores during the concerts that it performed in Italy and abroad. From 1987 to 2013 the direction of the Corale Porziuncola passed to Father Antonio Giannoni, pupil of the masters R. Baratta and E. Cardine for the Gregorian Song at the Sacred Music Pontifical Institute in Rome. Thanks to him the choir reached a new identity with a polyphonyc vocal texture and it looked for larger music horizons. From 2013 the Coral is directed by Father Maurizio Verde.

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