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Gruppo Giovane Ensemble was born in 2014, from conductor Eleonora Marchionni’s idea to sensitize the younger ones at the professional choral practice. After singers are selected with a vocal test, they learn how to improve their music attitudes singing with companions.

The Ensemble prefers, in his repertory, to use polyphonic a cappella songs ranging from sacred to profane.

The age of the members allows performing modern music too, not forgetting anyway the constant study of ancient musical pieces.

Most of the actual members took part at the charity event  “Cantando in chiave di SOLidarietà”  in 2014 in Foligno for Christmas season and in Perugia inside Santo Spirito Church.

The choir attended the choral reunion “Iubilate Deo” in Sant’Angela church in Foligno and performed in the 11th choral survey “Octobre en harmonie” organized within Castle Sarriod de la tour in Saint Pierre, Val d’Aosta.

In 2015 during Christmas season, the choir has been invited to perform in Arezzo at the winners’ concert organized by CALCIT, an association that fights against cancer. Furthermore, the Ensemble performed in the prestigious Sala dei Notari in Perugia as part of the event “Note di Natale” (2015).

The choir has been the starring of the event “Cantiamo per l’Avis” in San Francesco church in Trevi (PG).

The group performed in Tuscany, Umbria and recently in the Marche region invited by the choir  “Città di Sassoferrato”


Direttore Eleonora Marchionni

Laudario di Cortona Sia laudato San Francesco

Ticheli Earth Song

Trad. irlandese An Irish blessing

Stravinsky Pater Noster

Croce Cantate Domino

L. Hassler Cantate Domino

P. da Palestrina Sicut Cervus

Alma Redemptoris Mater

Rota Ave Maris Stella

Gjeilo Ave Generosa

Ubi Caritas


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