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The Choir “Voci del Frignano” was born with such simplicity on December 24th 1998 with the aim of promoting, in addition to traditional singing, a wider repertoire capable of merging religiosity, culture, customs, traditions, fun and broadening the horizons of experimentation vowel.

In these years of activity, under the direction of Roberto Soci, the choir has consolidated the harmony and passion for singing, even going on to interpret pieces created for instrumental groups and orchestras, rich in harmonies and varied in their timbre choices.

The choir “Voci del Frignano” has brought prestige to the popular culture of their own land by letting them know songs and melodies both in Italy and abroad, without failing to collect acclaim and appreciation wherever they go.

The pride of this singing group is the very strong bond of friendship that binds all the members of the Choir together, a bond that promotes a serious, passionate and growing commitment over the years, a bond that is acoustically found in the numerous public performances.

The choir “Voci del Frignano” has six recordings to its credit: the first three collect a selection of over 40 songs from its wide repertoire, the fourth is a collection of Christmas carols while the fifth is entirely dedicated to Alpine songs presented in June 2014 in the anniversary of the beginning of the First World War.

The sixth and most recent CD was recorded to commemorate the choir’s 20th birthday.

Each year it is also the organizer of several important events:

  • “SPRING CONCERT” Exhibition Polisportiva Modena Est (MO)
  • Choral review “INCONTRI D’IN… CANTO” Pavullo (MO)
  • “CANT ‘DE NOT IN MONTAGNA” music festival Pavullo (MO)
  • Christmas choral review “S’ODE UN CANTO” Pavullo (MO)

At the invitation of the Municipality of Pavullo, the choir “Voci del Frignano” participated in June 2008 in the celebrations for the millennial of the foundation of the twin city of Strzegom, in Poland and in September 2012 at the celebrations for the centenary of the consecration of the immense and beautiful cathedral of the Polish town to Saints Peter and Paul.


Direttore Roberto Soci

Malatesta Oh montagne

Bon O cancelier

Masetti – R. Soci Io vagabondo

Papa Francesco

Mingozzi Canto de not ‘n montagna

G. Bonezzi Papaveri e papere

Pizzirani Madonnina dai riccioli d’oro


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