Thursday 22 October

Thursday 22 october

21.00 hrs           Basilica S. M. degli Angeli

The Franciscan Singers (ITALIA)

Carmine Lavinia, Organo (Potenza)

Admission to the concert is free, but in compliance with the regulations to avoid the spread of Covid-19, booking is mandatory. To book, send an email to with name, surname, city of origin and telephone contact.


CONCERT PROGRAM  – The Franciscan Singers

Conductor             p. Giuseppe Magrino OFM conv

Organ                      Alessandro Bianconi


p. I. Lukačić                 Orantibus in loco isto

p. G. B. Martini           O salutaris hostia

p. G. Paolucci              Victimæ Paschali laudes

p. F. M. Zuccari          Regina cœli

p. S. Reina                   Regina cœlitum

p. F. M. Zuccari          Alma Redemptoris Mater


Curriculum – The Franciscan Singers

This group has its roots in the centuries-old franciscan tradition of the Chapel Choir of the Papal Basilica of Saint Francis and it wants to promote music activities and events with the aim to rediscover and enhance handwritten sacred music that is preserved in the Music Archive of the Sacred Convent and in the archives of the other franciscan communities all over the world. Here you can find a great heritage of unpublished scores that has an extraordinary musical, historical and artistic value.

The repertoire that the choir perform belongs to the 17th-19th centuries and it is manly “a cappella” or it is accompained by a basso continuo (cello, organ, cembalo).

During these last years, all the members of the ensemble, directed by Father Giuseppe Magrino, improved with valuable dedication the study of the sacred music, and in particular the franciscan music with the principal aim to spreadall over the world by the music the universal message of Saint Francis of Peace and Good.


CONCERT PROGRAM  – Carmine Lavinia, Organ


D. German                   Festive trumpet tune

G. Frescobaldi             Toccata nona, II libro

N. Bruhns                     Preludio e doppia fuga a sei voci in sol maggiore

J. S. Bach                      Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten, BWV 647

 Fantasia e fuga in Sol min. BVW 542

p. D. da Bergamo         Elevazione in re minore


Curriculum – Carmine Lavinia                   

Carmine Lavinia studied organ at the Conservatory of Potenza under the guide of M. Cosimo Prontera; he graduated with honors in 2020 with a specialization in ancient music and basso continuo. He also studied harpsichord with Master Massimo Berghella. He attended masterclasses with Liuwe Tamminga and Matteo Imbruno and also classes of Choir Direction at the Sacred Music Pontifical Institute in Rome under the guide of Master Walter Marzilli.

He perfomed in various concerts both as solo and continuo at the organ and harpsichord. Among these: the organ concert “Vox Charitatis” at the San Giuseppe al Trionfale Basilica in Rome in 2015; he was a harpsichord continuo in the operetta “La Dirindina” by D. Scarlatti that had been staged in 2016 at the “F. Stabile” Theatre of Potenza; organist in the “Vespri d’organo” for the Advent at the Cathedral of Potenza in 2016; continuo and director during the concert “Florilegium” with the Ducale Baroque Ensemble in Oriolo; organist at the concert for the peace promoted by the Unicef and by the Basilicata Region during the feast of Saint Francis in Ripacandida (Potenza) in 2018; continuo at the organ in the baroque orchestra “La Confraternita de’ musici” during the concert “Sacre Vertigini” for the re-opening of the Saint Paolo Church in Brindisi in 2018; during the inaugural concert, he resonated the first notes of the organ of the saint Leucio Church in Brindisi; he participated as pianist and orchestra director at the “Sursum Corda” Festival of the Ducale Academy in Salandra – Matera in 2019; he had been director at the harpsichord in the intermezzo “La serva padrona” by G.B. Pergolesi that had been staged in Pietragalla in the context of Matera European capital of the culture 2019.

He is a founding member of the Ducal Academy of Study of Music, patronized by the Sacred Music Pontifical Institute and affiliated with the Conservatory “G. da Venosa” in Potenza. He is also a teacher of organ, piano and liturgical music. In the academy he is director of the baroque orchestra and of the symphony orchestra. He directs the Music Institute “Mons. Corrado Ursi” in Acerenza (Potenza) that was born with the collaboration of the Archdiocese of Acerenza with different seats througout the entire regional area. Then, he is also organ teacher at the Sacred Music Diocesan Institute “Augusto Bertazzoni” of the Archdiocese of Potenza-Muro Lucano-Marsico Nuovo.

He decides to specialize himself attending the masterclass of Liturgical Music promoted and organized by the National Liturgic Office of CEI. He improved his knowledge of the Gregorian Song attending the “Cantemus Domino” class organized by the Opera della Porziuncola of Assisi. From 2010, at the age of 19, he became the director of the Polyphonic Choir “Mons. Lorenzo Perosi” of Pietragalla. He manteined his role until 2018. In 2014 he created the “San Rocco” Music Chapel of the Diocesan Sanctuary of Saint Rocco in Tolve where he assumed the role of director and organist. In March 2017, after previous collaborations, he became organist and director of the Music Chapel of the Acerenza Cathedral. He is member of the artistic committee of the Federcori of Basilicata Region. He is the artistic director of different choral festivals and events of various places, such us Acerenza Cathedral, Potenza Cathedral or Saint Rocco Diocesan Sanctuary.

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