• Assisi Pax Mundi, the program of the second edition

    ASSISI PAX MUNDI 15-18 October 2015 – Program   Friday 09 October – PREVIEW 21.00 hrs.            Basilica S. M. degli Angeli             Michele D’Agostino, Organ (Cassino FR)   Thursday  15 October 17.00 hrs.            Sala della Conciliazione – Palazzo Comunale Greeting by the repr...

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  • All is ready for the second edition of Assisi Pax Mundi

    All is ready for Assisi Pax Mundi. Franciscan music prepares to be the protagonist of this international event. From the 15 to the 18 of October 2015 Assisi will house the second edition of Assisi Pax Mundi: a festival that was born to inspire the dialog through the music. Eleven choirs are going...

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  • Assisi Pax Mundi: preview with a concert for pipe organ

    All is ready for Assisi Pax Mundi that will start on the 9 of October with a great preview: the concert for pipe organ by Michele D’Agostino that is going to have place at 9pm in the Basilica of Saint Maria degli Angeli. Sacred franciscan music is the protagonist of this international event. From...

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  • Triumphant preview of APM with the Philadelphia Girls Choir

    Yesterday’s preview of Assisi Pax Mundi made a strong impression on the audience with the astonishing voices of Philadelphia Girls Choir and Coro Aurora. The wondrous setting of the Basilica Superiore of Assisi highlighted the young voices throughout an exciting and culturally artistic nigh...

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  • Assisi Pax Mundi preview with the Philadelphia Girls Choir

    An emotional preview event for the Assisi Pax Mundi will take place on Monday 27th July with the Philadelphia Girls choir. The international young voices will start the Franciscan sacred music festival at 18.30 at the Basilica Superiore in Assisi. Entrance to the event is free. Coming from Pennsy...

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  • The 2015 edition of Assisi Pax Mundi presented

    Assisi Pax Mundi: International Festival of Sacred Franciscan Music to Assisi Musicians in “dialog” in spiritual locations Franciscan Music protagonist of an international event. From 15 to 18 October 2015 Assisi will host the second edition of Assisi Pax Mundi. This morning, in the p...

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  • Assisi Pax Mundi 2015 (indicative program)

    Thursday 15 October 2015 Morning Arrival of the various groups at Assisi and accommodation in hotels 16.30 hrs. Piazza del Comune – Greeting by the representatives of the Franciscan families and authorities. Inaugural lecture “Music Franciscan in music history” Welcome drink 21....

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  • Assisi Pax Mundi – second edition 15-18 October 2015

    “…cast your light into the darkness of my heart” (FF 276) Franciscan Music protagonist of an international event. From 15 to 18 October 2015 Assisi will host the second edition of Assisi Pax Mundi. It ignites the spotlight on the international event aimed at encouraging dialogue through mus...

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  • International Review of Sacred Music Franciscan

    It is unanimously recognized to St. Francis, as a result of his experience in life, to have aroused in the minds of the people the awareness of praise to God, to have lightened a new flame of love to who he calls “The highest, good lord almighty”, to whom are due “the praises, t...

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