“Happy singing and happy rendezvous to everybody”, Assisi Pax Mundi begin

Happy singing and happy rendezvous to everybody”: with these words, officially started the second edition of Assisi Pax Mundi. Franciscan families that organized the event, have opened it welcoming the eleven choirs that will perform in the seven franciscan places that are going to house concerts of Assisi Pax Mundi. Many people participated to the opening ceremony in the Sala della Conciliazione, in the Palazzo Comunale of Assisi. The conference started off by the speech of the mayor of Assisi, Antonio Longhi, that underlined the importance of the dialog through the music and thanked the organizers of the festival for their dedication in promoting and valuing Sacred Franciscan Music: “a new light for Assisi”.

The introductive lesson that had place in the afternoon and titled “Franciscan music in the history of the music”, had been led by master Alberto Batisti. It had been an intense moment of study. Batisti’s words gave to all attendees the possibility to meditate on the spiritual and cultural importance of Franciscan music.

Friar Giuseppe Magrino underlined the importance of the dialog and its deep relation with Assisi: “The dialog mustn’t exist only among musicians, but also with the city. We are happy for having the patronage of Pontificium Consilium de Cultura and the support of the Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi”.

Friar Maurizio Verde took the opportunity to potentially embrace all participants: “Welcome everybody. We prepared ourselves and we waited for your arrival and we are impatient to sing all together”.

Friar Antonio Tofanelli too welcomed all attendees arrived to Assisi from many different places. He said that their travel is a pilgrimage towards Assisi and a sought rendevouz. “When we began thinking on this festival we decided to start from sacred franciscan music for its universal and cultural worth”. Padre Antonio highlighted that it’s not coincidence that this event wants to inspire the dialog through the music in spiritual locations. “We want took the possibility to talk together, because over the music there is the will of being together and, as Mozart said, “light up each other”.

An event  that countertrends against the victory: in fact there is no competition, not a final prix but only the will of being together and share a message of communion.

Saint Francesco prayed by singing. According to their tradition, the four franciscan families of Assisi, with the cooperation of the Papal Basilica of Saint Francesco Chapel Choir, promote the second international festival of sacred franciscan music. The object of this event is to support the culture of the sacred music connected to the figure of Saint Francesco and the franciscan world.

Among the big news of this second edition, there is a Gospel choir, Charlie’s Gospel Angels, directed by Charlie Cannon (Alabama): they want let us understand how the franciscan message is modern and cross at the same moment. Unmissable is the inauguration of the new eco-save enlightenment of the Basilica of Saint Francesco. The festival will include conferences and concerts that will occur in the Franciscan locations and their surroundings.

The festival opened up with the preview on the 27 of july of 2015 with the Philadelphia Girls Choir. Then it will be the turn of the concert for organ pipe by Michele D’Agostino that will have place on the 9 of October at 9pm in the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

The higher moment of the festival will be the final concert where all attendees will sing all together. The event will close with the celebration of a solemn Mass in the Upper Basilica of Saint Francis and the performance of the “Cantico delle Creature of F. Domenico Stella. All choirs and instrumental groups will participate.


This is the program:

Friday 16 October

09.30 hrs.     Sala p. Norsa (Sacro Convento)

“Canticle of the Creatures in the music of the twentieth century” – Dott.ssa Prof.ssa Paola Maurizi

16.00 hrs.     Chiesa S. Maria Maggiore

Charlie’s Gospel Angels (Roma)

17.30 hrs.     Cattedrale S. Rufino

Coro della Pianura Veronese (Asparetto VR),

Cappella Musicale della Basilica Papale di San Francesco

21.00 hrs.     Basilica S. M. degli Angeli

Corale “San Francesco” (Montelupone MC)

Coro liturgico “Laudate et benedicite” (Sassari)

Saturday 17 October

12.00 hrs.     Chiesa S. Maria sopra Minerva

Massimiliano Raschietti, Organo (Vicenza)

16.30 hrs.     Chiesa S. Pietro

Coro “Maria SS Consolatrice” (Calatafimi Segesta TP)

Coro “Aurora” (Bastia Umbra PG)

19.30 hrs.     Basilica di San Francesco

Inauguration of the new lighting of the Basilica

20.30 hrs.     Basilica Sup. di S. Francesco

Closing concert in the presence of all participating groups

Sunday 18 October

10.30 hrs.     Basilica Sup. di S. Francesco

Solemn Mass in the Basilica of St. Francis,

(to follow) The execution of the Canticle of the Creatures of p. D.M. Stella wth the participation of all groups


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