Assisi Pax Mundi 2020


Musician in “dialogue” among Holy Spirit’s places

International Festival of Sacred Franciscan Music

7th edition

“Praised be You my Lord for our sister Water”


Assisi continues to promote and spread the culture of the dialogue thanks to its particular attitude in promoting the peace and the respect among people: a culture that is intended to accept you all who follow St Francis and St Clare’s example.

Assisi Pax Mundi” festival is organized by the four Franciscan Families in Assisi with the cooperation of the Chapel Choir of the Papal Basilica of St Francis: it has reached its 7th edition and it really want to offer the possibility to dialogue for peace and communion. Artists participating at the event are invited to present their repertoire and to meet each other in the beautiful scenery of Assisi, to share their experiences and feelings.

Water is the most important element of the nature for our lives, and the human surviving depends on our ability in taking care of it and sharing it”: these are Pope Francis words for the World Water Day 2019. In the Pope Francis encyclical “Laudato sì” the word “Water” appears 39 times. The second chapter is dedicated to the problem of water. We can read: “Potable and clean water is a very important issue because it is essential for human life and to sustain terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. (…) At the same time quality of water is constantly getting worse and in some places there is the tend to privatise this limited resource, it becomes a product subject to the law of business. Actually the access to potable water is a vital, fundamental and universal human right because it determines the surviving of humanity”.

Certainly water couldn’t miss in the “Song of the Creatures”: Saint Francis said it “in semplicitate” without redundant sentences but with a precise affirmation. It is no coincidence that the sign of water is used by the Church to bless the faithful for centuries. Holy water let us remember to Jesus Christ: he defined himself as “living water” and he established the Baptism for us, Sacrament of water that can purify, sign of the benediction that rescues us. We considered it appropriated to promote the preservation of this vital and precious element through the language of the music, finding the inspiration in Saint Francis words into his “Song of the Creatures”:

Praised be You, my Lord for our sister Water, so very useful and humble, and precious and chaste

The festival is taking place from the 22nd to 25st of October 2020 with a series of concerts that will occur in different moments of the day in the Franciscan places of Assisi and its surroundings; the final concert will be the event’s crowning moment: all entered groups will participate in it. The Festival will end with the Solemn Eucharist Celebration at the Saint Francis Upper Basilica and with the performance of the Song of the Creatures by p. Domenico Stella.

Registration procedures: choral and instrumental groups that want to participate to the event have to fill the proper form that can be found in the website in the page “Gruppi/Iscriviti” or sending to the e-mail address

  • A copy of the completely filled form
  • The program of the performance that has to last 30 minutes at most (it has to refer to St Francis figure and to water). It has to include two songs, lasting 7 minutes at most, that have to be performed during the final concert.
  • An audio/video recording of the group
  • A copy of the receipt for payment of 150,00€ that has to be registered to Cappella Musicale della Basilica Papale S. Francesco – ASSISI PAX MUNDI at the UNICREDIT Bank, Agenzia Assisi Madonna dell’Olivo, IBAN code IT 04 N 02008 38278 000102931525 not later than the 31st of July of 2020.

Not completed pre-registrations of attending groups won’t be considered. Artistic committee will select 15 groups that will have to complete their registration.

An attendance statement will be issued to all groups.

Visits to Basilica’s music manuscripts archives will be organized if they are required.

Stay here: every participating group has to think to its stay here. For any help, our organization suggest you to contact the Maldiviaggi travel agency,



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