Polyphonic Choir “Francis of Assisi”



Conductor Ciro Cau

  • Gregoriano – Crucis Christi mons Alvernæ
  • Laudario di Cortona – Laudar vollio per amore
  • Anonimo XV sec. – O Francisce
  • Anonimo XV sec. – Alta Trinità Beata
  • T. Graziani – Audit in Evangelio
  • A. Scarlatti – Exultate Deo
  • F. Poulenc – Seigneur, je vous en prie
  • L. Halmos – Jubilate Deo universa terra
  • B. Bettinelli – O Jesu dolce
  • L. Molfino – O sacrum convivium
  • O. Jaeggi – Salve Mater misericordiæ
  • K. Nistedt – Laudate

The Polyphonic Choir “Francis of Assisi” was founded in January ,1996 as a liturgical choir of the  Parrocchia dei Capuccini (Capuchin Parish) in Sassari, thanks to the initiative of  Padre Alberto Polo and under the direction of Ghigho Garau. In January ,1999 the artistic direction was entrusted to Maestro Ciro Cau with whom the choir began  concerts in January, 2000.   The choir, continued afterwards with several concerts and took part in  remarkable choral festivals throughout Sardinia .

The repertoire  varies from the sacred polyphony of Renaissance and Baroque ( worthy of attention is  the execution of sacred cantatas BWV 33, 61, 118 and 153 of JS Bach and BuxWV 38, 52, 60, 68 D. Buxtehude’s Magnificat and Gloria RV 611 RV 589 by A. Vivaldi, the Te Deum KV 141 and  the Missa  KV 259 by W.A. Mozart), to  works of the Romantic period and the twentieth century as well as songs of profane and popular  inspiration .

The  Epiphany Concert,which takes place every year on January the 6th  in the Church of St. Francis in Sassari, has been offered annually since 2000, and it presents a moment that, beyond the aim  of the performance itself, assumes both   a  spiritual and  musical aspect through the proposed contents.

In November 2013, the choir performed in Assisi, at the  Basilica Minore of Saint Francis on the express invitation of the  Chapel Master of the Basilica Padre  Giuseppe Magrino. In front of a careful  and expert public – the concert was included in the program of the Fifth National Meeting for Animators  of Liturgical Music, which attracts experts in the field from all over Italy – the Polyphonic Choir  “Francis of Assisi” brought decidedly challenging  impressive,  refined and  beautiful choral works. The performance was so  successful  that at the end of the concert the applause and the enthusiasm persuaded the choirmaster  to perform an encore with a song inspired by the popular tradition of Sardinia.


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