Charlie’s Gospel Angels



Conductor Charlie Cannon

Piano Marco Persichetti

  • Gospel
  • Blessed be the name of the Lord
  • I belive I can fly
  • Joshua fit the battle of Jerico
  • Shout to the Lord
  • Down by the river side
  • My life is in your hands
  • Swing low, sweet chariot
  • I believe
  • Simple Prayer (Time to forgive)
  • Lean on me
  • Canticle of the Creatures
  • Jesus, what a wonderful child

In 2003, Mr. Charlie Cannon founded the Charlie’s Gospel Angels choirUnder his direction, the choir, comprised of voices of all ages, has become one of the most reputable and sought after gospel choirs on the Italian Gospel music scene.

During Charlie’s Gospel Angels’ performances, the true spirit of Gospel emerges, as the choir delivers their renditions of gospel songs with intense passion and enthusiasm, engaging the audience in a joyful, intense and often moving experience. The choir stands out in the Italian Gospel scene, not only for it’s ability to convey the deepest spirit of traditional Gospel, but also for it’s contemporary approach, a characteristic evident in most of the repertoire.

Whilst the singers are all primarily of Italian origin, the Charlie’s Gospel Angels choir are able to interpret the true “soul” of Gospel, which until today, has been the prerogative mainly of Afro -American Choirs. Through the spirituality of the lyrics, the power of the music, the energy of the singers, the expressive nature and incredible voice of Charlie Cannon, along with the arrangements and piano accompaniment of the Maestro Marco Persichetti, the performances of the choir are truly a unique and memorable experience.

The choir performs regularly for musical, cultural and charity and events. They have performed in major theaters in Rome, including; the Auditorium Parco della Musica, the Auditorium della Conciliazione, the House of Jazz, the Teatro Greco, and in popular television shows broadcast by leading television channels (Rai-National Public Broadcast channel; TV2000-National Catholic TV channel).

Discography: “I Believe”, Charlie’s Gospel Angels, 2012.

Charlie Cannon, was born in Alabama, USA and has been performing in Italy for the past 40 years. He has become a well-known, highly regarded artist on the musical, theatrical and television scene.

With his powerful, melodic tenor voice he is able to perform different musical genres: soul, rhythm and blues, dance music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and most notably Gospel music, the latter of which communicates passionately his deep spirituality and sensitivity.

He has worked as a songwriter for international artists, such as Mike Francis and Amy Stewart.

He is one of five members of the famed Gospel group, the “Chicago High Spirits”- a group of outstanding American interpreters, displaying an authentic Gospel spirit.

Charlie Cannon has toured internationally with famous Italian singers, including: Milva, Zucchero and Renato Zero. He was also a vocalist in the Platters’ group’s last European tour and has worked with conductors such as Trovaioli, Ortolani, Camfora, Pisano and Ferrio.

In 1993 he participated in the “Festival di Sanremo”, the Italian music’s scene’s major Television Network festival.

He participated, acting and singing in several TV shows such as “Pronto Raffaella”, “Domenica In”, “Vota la Voce”, “Fantastico ’97”, “La casa dei sogni” and ” Le ragazze di Piazza di Spagna 3″.

He starred, as an actor and singer, along with Renzo Arbore, in the TV show “Meno siamo meglio stiamo” directed by Renzo Arbore (Rai Uno 2005) and as a singer for the TV show “Dancing with the Stars” with Milly Carlucci (Rai Uno 2005).

He was the leading actor for the musical soul opera “Black Angel” at the Teatro Greco in Rome (directed by Renato Greco, 2007), which received critical acclaim from both critics and audiences.

In 2009 he joined George Benson for two major concerts, one held in Perugia (July 17) as part of the prestigious “Umbria Jazz Festival” and the other at Castello Scaligero in Villafranca (July 19) for a “Tribute to Nat King Cole”.

In 2014 he co-starred with singer and actress Marisa Laurito in the theatrical show “Sud and South”, directed by Marisa Laurito with the support of Maesto Marco Persichetti as musical director.

Founder and director of “Charlie’s Gospel Angels”, a gospel choir based in Rome, he has led the choir to become one of the most reputable and sought after gospel choirs on the Italian Gospel music scene. Most recently the choir was selected to perform at the “Rassegna internazionale di Musica Sacra Francescana” to be held in Assisi in October 2015.


  • “Charlie Cannon Roots” (Pinciana Music)
  • “Fallin ‘in love” (Full House)
  • “Chicago High Spirits – Christmas Songs”

Marco Persichetti completed his musical studies at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, graduating in piano, composition and conducting. He is a professor of Harmony and Musical Analysis at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory (Rome) and the Director of the liturgical choir of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of the Immaculate Mary in Rome.

His compositions have been performed at both national and international events, some of which include: the “Roman Musical Encounters”, the “Yard Art of Montepulciano”, the “Todi Festival” and the Los Angeles “Monday Evening Concerts”.

Both Radio Stations and the Italian Television Network have selected and performed Maesto Persichetti’s musical compositions, and in collaboration with renowned Italian jazz musicians, he has recorded several instrumental music CDs.

He has devoted his talent, skill and passion to writing music for plays, working with directors such as Ugo Gregoretti, Patrick Rossi Gastaldi, and with the singer, songwriter Maria Monti.

As a pianist, Maestro Persichetti has also worked extensively in the jazz scene, focusing primarily on the Brazilian style of music.

Currently, along with Stefano Micheletti, the duo is performing the music of the legendary composer George Gershwin.

As a pianist and arranger he has been collaborating, for almost ten years, with Maestro Charlie Cannon’s choir, i.e. “Charlie’s Gospel Angels” assisting at all performances.


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