Schola Gregoriana Assisiensis

Assisi (PG)


Conductor    p. Maurizio Verde OFM


Gregoriano          Quoniam tu illuminas

O oriens

Lux de luce apparuit – Lux fulgebit

Alleluia – Dies sanctificatus

Ante Luciferum

Illuminare, illuminare Jerusalem

Illumina faciem tuam

Paratum cor meum

Quasi stella matutina

O Clara, luce clarior

Salve Sancte Pater

Conductor p. Maurizio Verde OFM, Franco Radicchia

Julian von Speir           Officium Sancti Patris nostri Francisci – In II Vesperis

The “Schola Gregoriana Assisiensis” is a vocal ensemble, consisting of only male voices, dedicated to the study and liturgical and concert execution of monodic liturgical repertoires of Christian medieval Europe (Gregorian chant, Ambrosian chant, antique Roman chant) and of polyphonic repertoires of the same period (especially Ars Antiqua), then expanding to Renaissance polyphony, again performed by only male voices. The group consists, in the most part, of professionals from different musical environments: they include Gregorianists, singers, choir directors, composers, organists, both lay and religious.

Its members, together with their own musical activity, in recent years have matured an experience of study and passion for sacred and liturgical medieval vocal repertoires, dedicating themselves to an ever greater understanding of execution praxis even based on recent semiological and scientific studies. Founded in Assisi, the “Schola Gregoriana Assisiensis” is based at the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, which has always been entrusted to the care of the Friars Minor of the Seraphic Province of Umbria.

It is intended to revive the centuries-old tradition of the practice and study of Gregorian Chant established in particular at the Basilica, also thanks to the uninterrupted group of Friars who have studied Gregorian Chant at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome (including the founder of the Schola itself, Fr. Maurizio Verde). Its members (between 6 and 10 people) are, for the most part, Umbrians, though the help of executors and Gregorianists from other parts of Italy as external collaborators is not rare. Fr. Maurizio Verde and Fr. Matteo Ferraldeschi are founders and co-directors. Both studied Gregorian chant at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome with Maestros G. Baroffio, F. Prassl, A. Turco, N. Alba- rosa, D. Saulnier.

They give concerts and recently (June 2013 and January 2014) were invited by TV2000 to present some Gregorian chant pieces during twenty episodes of the broadcast “In the heart of Sunday”, edited by S. Magister.


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